Necklace Cherry


Details that identify us

It is a design inspired by a minimalist style

  • 100% handmade in Spain, Silver and Cherry Agata

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Details that will make your look special!

You can use it without problems because the material of the chain is Silver.

It is formed by Cherry agates hanging from the chain, it has a coral tone.The colors can vary a bit since each piece is different.

Always in the same coral tones. Keep in mind that it is a natural stone and each one of them is different.

It is a simple design to complete a delicate and special look.

Important data:

  • Safety lock
  • All the metallic elements are Silver
  • 100% handmade silver in Spain
  • It is Agata Cherry


It is said that it is used to activate and give energy. It softens the tension in relationships, helps to think clearly and has a calming influence.

Activate the energy of the heart, allowing you to feel, attract and give love easily.


This necklace is packed with care in the box with the corporate image of the brand.

You can see some photos on my social networks. It’s packagin is super nice. Shipping: When you buy your product it will be packaged and shipped carefully in a hurry.

I will inform you when the order comes out of my workshop so that you can have everything controlled from home.If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to me and I will answer you as quickly as possible.

You can do it by mail or by writing to me through my social networks.

The company with which the package will be sent whether it is nationally or internationally will be Correos.

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