Necklace Soladita


Details that identify us

It is a design inspired by a minimalist style

  • 100% handmade in Spain

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Complete your look with this beautiful necklace!

You can use it without problems because the material of the chain is Sterling Silver. It has three balls of the same size as “Blue Soladite“.
This stone has a white texture on an intense blue of the stone.

It is a simple design to complete a delicate and special look.

Important data:

  • Safety lock
  • All the metallic elements that compose it are made of sterling silver
  • 100% handmade in Spain
  • The stone is blue Soladite


It is said of her that it is a loving, preventive and protective stone that symbolizes the thought of the Universe.

Soladita organizes the fluid energy in concrete thought. Its inner sphere is that of archetypal ideas and that of the concretization of the abstract.

In traditional Chinese medicine it is believed that it can stabilize the disordered flow in a balanced rhythm and make the confused energy become a clear and objective inner voice.


This necklace comes packaged with much care in the box with the corporate image of the brand. You can see some pictures on my social networks. It’s packagin is super nice.


When you buy your product it will be packaged and sent carefully in a jiffy.

I will inform you when the order of my workshop comes out so you can have everything controlled from home.

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The company with which the package will be sent, whether it is national or international, will be Correos.

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Additional information

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