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My name is Lola I am a Spanish girl from Murcia.

I was always a very creative girl. I have framed my drawings since I was a child, I’ve made my scrapbooks with concert tickets and I’ve always loved everything that belonged to another era; architecture, clothes or art.

Since I was a little girl I knew that I would dedicate myself to work in something creative. And it has come true. A few years ago I decided to give shape to everything I had in my hands and start whit my own brand Lola Cherry.

I decide to make this page to be able to share with the world my ideas, my projects and the things that really make me passionate from my mind and my heart to the world. Internet is a very interesting space in which you can connect suddenly with people similar to you. There aren´t more obstacles and Sometimes when I think about it, I believe that I have so many things in my reach that it seems like a dream. It has not been easy to get here, but I must admit that I really enjoyed the way. I built this little dream while studying Interior Design and worked as a waitress; which I have always liked because I think I have “people skills” and I like to meet many different people.

Hundreds of times I told the clients all the projects I had in my head and the desire to do things. I liked to tell it and I think they also hear it. The illusion to do what I like is what moves me every day. I think you enjoy what you do the essential in life.

I am currently Interior Design by the School of Art and Design Superior of Alicante (Spain), I feel very fortunate to be able to dedicate myself to it and I enjoy my work a lot. Of course there have been failures of which I have learned and victories that I have enjoyed with pleasure. Although you have to work hard to build something little by little I have enjoyed the process a lot and I have put a lot of love into everything I have been doing and that is the best ingredient.

I hope you like this small space that I have built with such love, if you like what you read follow me on my social networks to keep up to date with everything that I have in hand.

And if you have something interesting to tell me, write to

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