Happy Valentines Day !!

San Valentin is here one more year, and nobody escapes the arrows of Cupid.

At Lola Cherry I want to celebrate by giving a discount code.

Put VIVAELAMOR in the shopping cart and the discount will be applied.

The small details are what make us happy, about all the unexpected surprises that make us so excited.
I believe that love is ultimately what moves us to do everything in life.

In my case it is my engine. Yes it is true that sometimes I am a little bit more, but it is true that I put a big part of my heart in everything I do.

As an idea I leave you here the Vasi necklace is made with sterling silver and Tourmaline Quartz.

Did you know that the tourmaline quartz symbolizes fidelity and commitment ???

Collar Vasi

The Josephine necklace you already know is one of my favorites and I do not take it off, 100% sterling silver handmade by me. I think it’s super simple as well as sweet.

Collar Josephine

I could not miss in this Valentine’s post my Juliet necklace; It is made of rose quartz that is undoubtedly the stone of love.

Collar Julieta

The discount code will be VIVAELAMOR and you just have to put it in the shopping cart and it will be valid until February 14!

This coupon will expire immediately but to be up to date with everything and not miss anything do not forget to follow me on my social networks I am in:

Happy Valentine to all !!!!!


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