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Tell me a story

Hello everybody !

Some time ago i decided to make my first pin. Of course, I was thinking, sketching and testing the design and sentence. But when I saw on the paper the phrase “Tell me a story” I knew was the chosen one.

Stories remain engraved in the heart, soul and mind. Our stories have built our life, will be part of us forever and them can make us cry or smile.

Even if 30 years pass a good story will revive every time you tell it and it will make you smile.

I am proud to have my little web and my shop online, where some people around the world buy things that I have designed and done with so much love.

“Handmade with love” is not uncool and is loved around the world.

Is magical to me, when I do something in my small workshop and another person in I don’t know that part of the world decide to buy it. From my hands to his house. Knowing that I am Lola .. a Spanish girl from Murcia … creative, a little crazy, and who loves what she does …  also working as waitress and also loving it.

Sometimes, this orders come with history, like Caroline’s from Belfast:

She bought a cushion in my online shop in Etsy

The cushion “greyhound” with which I help in a protector; Galgos del Sol, in Murcia ( Los Aladares, España)

The cushion was a present for her husband, it was a very special gift because was in memory of her dog Molly who died some time ago.

Molly was a beautiful greyhound and that cushion will be now on the place where she liked sleep.

To me it is magical,  a love story. It is the circle of love and “hand made” and with this story today the circle is perfect.

Thank you very much Caroline for share with me one of your stories, for making it part of mine and for making today’s special.

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