Welcome to my new website

New web, new illusions

I am very happy to welcome you to this new and beautiful space that we have been working on for some time.

Those who know me know the mess of life that I have with my three jobs and that’s why it has been a little longer to wait. But as it is well said in Murcia “the good soup is made on a low fire” and I hope it was worth it.

Since I started studying an artistic branch and then Interior Design, I always had the illusion of having a window into the world in which to share my things and now with this new website it has become a reality.

I present this space in which you can see and buy all the things that I design and make “Handmade with love” from Murcia Spain beaches.

Taking advantage of the new web I will present all the news in which I have been working lately; among them I have new pins, necklaces, shirts and a lot of other things that I will show you little by little.

Click HERE to see my pretty shop onlie

I am very motivated with the new Unicorn necklace made with silver and tinted white quartz and with all the new packagin. In short, I have lots of things to talk about.

I have included a bit of mythology and curiosity in the description and I explain to you quickly what each stone means. The truth is something that I find very interesting and now I will share it with the world from this space.

If you are curious you can take a look at my social networks and you will not miss anything: I’m on Twitter, Facebook and INSTAGRAM 

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